Professor Dick's unique lessons spring from his 40 years as a national magazine, book and newspaper editor and as teacher in grades 3 to 18.

See and download his school and sports mysteries at Adventure Novels. See his "Sell Your Homework" lessons at Text Books.  Click "Bible studies" and "Commentaries" to view and download the work he's edited and to find inspiration.

Adventure Novels 

Professor Dick's novels are school and sports mystery books for young readers. The main character, J. Edgar Beanpole (aka "Bean") is a reporter for the high-school newspaper. As such, Bean becomes involved in various mysterious situations that must be unraveled and solved. The novels present an exciting Christian perspective of young teenage life. Professor Dick's Adventure novels are downloaded free.

Sell Your Homework - Writing lessons
(ebooks and text books)

Professor Dick's text books teach the student how to write stories, articles, and opinion pieces (for newspapers and magazines). The texts are configured for use in home-schooling (one lesson per week) or as independent, self-paced study. Each component of the series is downloaded separately.

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Bible Studies and Commentaries

Professor Dick provides valuable resources for the serious Bible student. Each of these works is available at no cost to the student.

Bible Commentaries

Professor Dick draws from Christianity's premier scholars:

- Dr. John Mitchell, founder of Multnomah Bible College and Biblical Seminary in Portland, OR, to present The Gospel According to John, Romans, Ephesians, Philippians, and John's Letters.

- Dr. Willard M. Aldrich, President of Multnomah School of the Bible from 1943, The battle for your faith.

Bible Studies

Professor Dick has edited the Old Harvester's Bible Study and The Preface & Purpose to guide individuals and small groups  through an in-depth and thoughtful study of Luke and Leviticus/Hebrews, respectively. The lessons are especially suited for adult Sunday School study and discussion.

The The Bible at a Glance  provides a wonderful out-of-print one-page overview of each book of the Bible. Use this valuable resource to understand the key elements of each Bible book.

Reader's comments about ...

-  Dr. Mitchell's commentaries

Professor Dick's earn to write books

Adventure stories


Professor Dick provides the fascinating story of two men with diametrically opposed beginnings that arrived at the same saving knowledge of Jesus Christ: John Newton (the author of the song Amazing Grace) and John G. Mitchell (the founder of Multnomah Bible College and Biblical Seminary).

Read the true story of a man God worked through even though he died en route to the mission field of China. The true story of Bill Bordenís life, told by those who knew him best. Follow his adventures as Bill learns Godís perfect will for his lifeóand for his death.


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