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Let's Revel in John's Gospel - Dr. John G. Mitchell

Dr. John G. Mitchell preached the Bible for 75 years. A member of the first class to graduate from Dallas Theological Seminary, he pastured churches in Michigan and Oregon and ministered to spiritually hungry people around the world. He founded the Multnomah School of the Bible and Trout Creek Bible Camp. He brings his heart for God to his exposition on John's Gospel. He wanted his students to fall in love with the Savior.

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Let's Revel in Romans - Dr. John G. Mitchell

Dr. Mitchell's treatment of this book plumbs the depths and reveals the intricacies of Paul's book on how to live the Christian life. Some 20,000 copies of these books have gone to pastors in India and Africa as part of the Sudan Interior Mission's pastors book sets.

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Let's Revel in Ephesians - Dr. John G. Mitchell

In Dr. Mitchell's words, "I would like to present to you the Lord Jesus Christ in such a way that you will fall in love with Him. I know you lov`e the Savior and I love the Savior; but, oh, to fall in love with Him so that His heart and your heart and my heart will be so knitted together that there will be a revelation of the living God in you and in me. This is what is the desire of the Apostle Paul in his book of Ephesians."

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Let's Revel in Philippians - Dr. John G. Mitchell

With a foreword by Dr. Charles Swindoll, plumb the depths of the book of Philippians with Dr. Mitchell in this study. Over the course of 51 days you will examine Paul's letter as he exalts the Lord Jesus Christ.

Download Let's Revel in Philippians - 12pt font (smaller type, 167 pages)

Download Let's Revel in Philippians - 16pt font (larger type, 244 pages)


Let's Revel in Colossians - Dr. John G. Mitchell

These three books, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians are an entity. In Ephesians we have the revelation of the church, the body of Christ. In Philippians we have the practice of the church--how we should live. In Colossians we have Christ preeminent and the believer complete. All that we need to stand before God is found in Christ.

Download Let's Revel in Colossians - 12pt font (smaller type, 161 pages)


Let's Revel in John's Letters - Dr. John G. Mitchell

Printed in limited edition under the title of �Fellowship,� this reprint fits this study into what is being planned as the �Mitchell Home Library.�

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Let's Revel in Hebrews - Dr. John G. Mitchell

Dr. Mitchell's heartfelt verse-by-verse study will freshen your love for the Savior through whom God has spoken to the world.

Download Let's Revel in Hebrews - 12pt font (smaller type, 252 pages)

Download Let's Revel in Hebrews - 16pt font (larger type, 406 pages)

The battle for your faith - Dr. Willard M. Aldrich

The struggle between God and Satan; the fearful battle between terrorism and freedom; and worldly standards vs. Christian standards are just a few of the many battles explored in this book.

It is a forceful book and one which will make the Christian aware of the battle he is in, along with the victory that is his.

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